hold my hand~

Hold my hand
There are many ways to do it right
Hold my hand
Turn around and see what we have left behind
Hold my hand my friend
We can save the good spirit of me and you
For another chance
And let’s pray for a beautiful world
A beautiful world I share with you

oh knape tah, ku merindu dengan mereka. sayang sayang sayang sayang mereka, syida,hani,dhabitah,shahirah.  ku mngenalimu seikhlas hatyku.=p. ku merinduimu sepenuh hatyku =p
alhamdulillah, kudisini kuat , kental, tabah, cekal keranamu kawan.=) pray 4 me.!
A best friend is a treasured gift
A prize beyond compare
someone who shares the bad and good (oh sgt suke ayat ini!)oh my god!

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