how im sad ryte now.

aduhai . stop it! ur pleasure or my pleasure?.. look . can u tell me the truth. (0=0)im sorry. its really hard. oh my god. its really hard thn i thought. i can't stand for all of this. every tyme . every night. plz be strong dear. i know . i know.u can do it. ;). but...;( its take tyme. INY. could you udrstand me. i loss. for a while. im sick of this. i hate it. but i hve to faced it.
To be wrong is nothing, unless you continue to remember it. ;)
*Our Mind can be a good servant but also can be a bad Master
go away! go away from my life! its really hurt. 
p/s: makcik emo jap je. marah jap je. then okeyh. tulah makcik xboleh jadi baek sagt. asek kne pijak ngn org je. t org bising.kwn mkcik pon bising. mkcik bertuah kwn mkcik syg mkcik. doakan mkcik bhagia oke.! mkcik syg mak makcik.hihi. terigat mom pulak tetbe. ;) love u mom.


Pendamba Mawar said...

tensen??syum la

I do I need Iman said...

senyum bile ade org sudi komen yg ne!

Pendamba Mawar said...

sudi je.. awat lak tak sudi...jnji kamu tersyum dan jgan sedih2 lagi